Coastal Abstracts Statement:

“This work  is a series of visual reflections and recollections produced from sketches photographs and memories of the Irish coastline and many travels abroad. These abstract Seascapes are a literal and sentimental interpretation of places I have visited. I am inspired by the sea and the natural world and the effects of changing light on the landscape as well as natures physical effect on manmade structures.  

Heavy applications of paint including natural substances and found objects are brushed in, scraped on , removed, layered, and glazed creating a personal dialogue with the viewer while inviting them to bring their own experiences and emotions to a familiar setting. “

Coastal Landscapes Statement


“This work represents a nostalgic journey along the East Coast and Dublin Bay as well as the Wexford Coastline where I’m based throughout the year from March to November.  Small figures within the composition help to convey a sense of space and scale A combination of oil and mixed media is used to create texture in carefully chosen areas of each painting.”

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