Recent commission hanging in it’s beautiful new home. Thank you Reid for pic.
“Ireland’s Eye Howth” In a lovely corner setting. Thank you Elizabeth for photo
Three pieces of the East Coast and Dublin Bay now hanging in a beautiful space. Many thanks Darren for photo.
“Sandymount Strand 170cms long in a beautiful complimentary setting. Thank you Edel for photo
“Bull Island Bridge” hanging in it’s beautiful Boston home. Thanks to Mick for photo.
What a wonderful space in a gorgeous room for this panoramic coastal landscape. Many thanks to Andrea for the photo.
“Bull Island Bridge” 170 cms long framed now hanging in it’s beautiful new home. Thanks Colin for photos
   Recent purchase hanging in its beautiful new home. Piece is 170cms (68 ins) long framed.


” Beautifully compliments my newly painted hallway” Audrey. Painting is 120 cms framed
Coastal landscape in it’s beautiful new home. Approx 90cms square in frame.
“Bull Island Bridge” in a beautiful setting. Thanks to Brian for the pic.
“Early Morning on the Strand” Now hanging in it’s beautiful Californian home. Thanks to Ryan for photo.
Two coastal scenes purchased 17 years apart now hanging side by side in their lovely West of Ireland home. Thanks to Billy for photo.
Coastal panoramic set in a unique and beautiful setting. Thanks to David for photo.